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How to choose your pair for wedding rings?

When preparing for the wedding, each couple chooses their own set of wedding rings. Most couples in love try to choose paired rings made in the same style and united by one design idea. This is how the bride and groom express their unity of views and tastes.

You can choose a set of wedding rings in our catalog, in which all wedding rings are presented in a pair version.

How to choose your pair?

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Wedding rings can be made in any style – classic or modern. Your pair of wedding rings should match your personal daily dress style and lifestyle, as you will wear the ring every day.

It is recommended to match the color of gold for rings to the skin tone, as well as to the color of the jewelry available.

When choosing wedding rings set, you must also take into account the features of the physique. A thin and graceful ring is suitable for a fragile girl, and a more massive one for a tall and stately man.

Paired rings can be completely identical, or they can differ in some details – the presence of stones or the color of diamonds. For example, a pair of classic white gold rings with a white diamond on a women’s ring and a black one on a men’s one looks great.

If tastes don’t match

What if the tastes of the bride and groom do not match and they cannot choose a pairing set that both would like? For such couples, we offer many options for compromise.

If the bride and groom choose a different style of jewelry, they can order a set of rings in different styles, but made of the same type of gold, and this will be their unifying feature.

If, on the contrary, the groom and the bride want to have rings in the same style, but from different materials, we will select or make such a pair of rings for them. A couple can order classic rings of the same design, made of gold in different colors. For example, a ring for a bride can be made of yellow or red gold, a ring for a groom can be made of white.

Thus, each of the partners will be able to express their individuality without offending the feelings of a loved one.

We will make to order

If you could not find yourself a pair of wedding rings from the catalog, the masters of the Jewel-box jewelry workshop (Kiev) will make for you a unique pair of rings on an individual order, taking into account your design ideas and wishes.

We wish every couple in love to find their own pair of wedding rings that will make you happy and will always be a symbol of your love and loyalty.

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