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Tips for choosing bathroom tiles

A catalog of bathroom tiles contains a large number of models of all colors, shapes and materials, but not all are suitable for any bathroom. There are many factors that determine which is the best tile for each bathroom, and not only the style we want to give it. The size or light of this room also has something to say when it comes to selecting the best tile.


Today bathroom tiles are made with a variety of materials, each of which has advantages and a price. The type that best suits the budget, style and advantages we are looking for should be selected.

  • Ceramic tiles: the most used. They are easy to maintain and inexpensive. Ceramic tiles are commonly used in home renovations.
  • Porcelain tiles: similar to ceramic tiles, they are easy to maintain but their price is higher.
  • Glass tiles: they are easy to maintain and clean, they give a unique style and they are of great quality. However, its price is high.
  • Stone tiles: ideal for decorating rustic-style bathrooms. However, it is an expensive material and it spoils sooner because it stores more moisture.
  • Tiles porcelain stoneware: this material provides a very warm touch to the bathroom and can also be found in numerous textures.


If the bathroom has little natural light or does not have a window, it is advisable to choose bathroom tiles with gloss and light colors, which will help create a bright atmosphere. On the contrary, if a lot of natural light enters this room, there are not so many restrictions and darker colors can be chosen. If you opt for a dark color for a bathroom without natural light, be sure to place a white led light on the ceiling to counteract the darkness.

bathroom tiles


The spaciousness of the bathroom should also be taken into account when selecting bathroom tiles. If it is small, it is best to opt for tiles in light colors (white, beige, soft gray…) or warm colors that make the space appear larger. Also, the bathroom tiles can be chosen based on the height of the room. If the ceiling is low, it is better to tile vertically. If the ceilings are high, it is best to put it horizontally to widen the space.


The style of the bathroom tiles is not only determined by the material but also by the finishes. There are many that imitate wood, marble, and other textures. The choice of tile can make our bathroom acquire different styles:

  • Classic and timeless: using marble-style porcelain tiles or hydraulic tiles and tiles.
  • Rustic style: tiles with stone, granite, slate or wood finishes.
  • Nordic style: straight lines, light tones and minimalist design predominate. White tiles can be combined with touches of wood on furniture or countertops.
  • Modern style: tiles in gray tones can be used to match taps and partitions with metallic details.
  • Avant-garde style: one of the current trends in bathrooms is hydraulic tiles.


Although the most common option in bathrooms is to choose a single bathroom tile for the entire bathroom, there are many other options to decorate it. You can, for example, choose a wall and place a type of tile with a different color and material from the rest of the bathroom. This is not only aesthetic but can also be practical. In narrow bathrooms, if the side walls are light-colored and the one at the bottom of a dark color, the room will appear more spacious.

bathroom tiles

On many occasions, it is the shower wall that is chosen to be different. You can choose to place smaller and darker tiles, of different colors, with drawings … The important thing is to highlight this area of the bathroom that will be seen through the screen.

Another very common option is to separate the top from the bottom. This can be done by placing a border between the two halves of tiles or by tiling only part of the wall and painting the rest with waterproof anti-splatter paint. If you don’t dare to leave a part of the wall without tile, you can always choose to tile the two halves with different sizes or colors.

If you need advice on how to choose your bathroom tiles, contact Newcastle Tiling team today! Our professionals will be happy to help you!

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