Roof Restoration price: cost, quote and advice
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Roof Restoration price: cost, quote and advice

The roof represents a substantial budget in the maintenance of a home. However, nothing should be left to chance, as it covers your home and the slightest defect can have disastrous consequences. It is therefore important to call a professional and invest in the necessary equipment depending on the condition of your roof. Here are our tips to help you budget your Roof Restoration project.

What are the advantages of Roof Restoration?

A roof deteriorates naturally over time due to bad weather and variations in temperature and climate. You may not see it, but cracks form and molds settle there. Wind and rainwater infiltration compromise the waterproofing of your roof and can impact your entire home.

Checking the condition of your roof and renovating it when the time comes are essential steps in the life of your home. It is advisable to carry out a good inspection of your cover on average every 10 years. In addition, you can check its good condition every year after the rainy and frosty season. Take the opportunity to check that the tiles or slates are in place. Cracked parts should be replaced. Remove dead leaves and mosses; this simple gesture will save you from expensive work to eliminate them when you are invaded. Also make sure that no infiltration is possible by checking the breaks in the tiles and checking the ceilings of your house.

When you notice a sign of bad condition of your roof and a deformation of the tiles, proceed to a Restoration without delay, at the risk of impacting the sanitation of your home.

Roof renovation price

What criteria influence the cost of a Roof Restoration?

Estimating the budget necessary for the Roof Restoration is difficult, since many criteria are taken into account.

The condition of the current roof

The Roof Restoration depends on the state of it. If it is only dirty, thorough cleaning and the application of a suitable treatment will be sufficient. On the other hand, some roofs are in such bad condition that they have to be changed entirely, while others require the replacement of a few parts.

The type of roof

Generally, a pitched roof is more complex and therefore more expensive to repair than a flat roof. Besides, it all depends on what covers your roof. Traditional tiles, wooden tiles, slates, sheets, etc. Each material has its specificities and especially its price! Some blankets are inexpensive to buy, but they cannot be replaced individually, such as tiles or slates, which ultimately turns out to be uneconomical in the event of partial Restoration.

The roof surface to be covered

Of course, the price applies depending on the surface of your roof, calculated in square meters (m²). The higher this, the higher the quote.

The rates charged by the professional roofer for labor

To the price of the roofing material, you will have to add that of the craftsman, also calculated per square meter in most cases. However, these prices can vary considerably from one professional to another and especially from one region to another. Large cities and urban areas are generally more expensive than rural areas. However, it is not always wise to bring in a roofer from another region for a question of labor cost, because you will have to provide travel costs and an additional cost will be considered in case of delay or complication.

What budget do you need to renovate your roof?

It is difficult to define a precise budget for each Roof Restoration project, given the criteria mentioned above. However, it is possible to indicate the average price ranges practiced in order to help you better assess the budget that you will need to carry out this type of work.

How to estimate the cost of a Restoration?

Although the total budget is directly dependent on the factors stated, it is possible to roughly estimate a price range given the type of Restoration envisaged and the surface of your roof.

For a light Roof Restoration, plan 30 to 70 euros per square meter on average. This situation applies to roofs in good general condition requiring only cleaning and the replacement of a few tiles.

For an average Roof Restoration, count 70 to 100 euros per square meter. This case corresponds to roofs in poor condition requiring the replacement of part of the cover.

For a complete Roof Restoration, allow 100 to 150 euros per square meter. This time, it was a complete Restoration of a dilapidated roof.

The average budget that you will have to forecast will therefore depend on the surface of your roof. As an indication, a 100 m² roof will cost you between 3,000 and 7,000 euros in light Restoration, 7,000 to 10,000 euros in average Restoration and 10,000 to 15,000 euros in complete Restoration.
In any case, always ask several qualified and competent professionals and ask for at least three quotes. These must detail the nature and cost of the service, labor and materials. Compare, negotiate and opt for the quote with the best value for money!

Roof renovation price

What is the price of a new cover?

Depending on the condition of the building, you may only need to replace all or part of your cover. Here is an estimate of the average rates charged for each typology.

  • For the installation of EPDM on flat roofs, allow 30 to 80 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of bitumen on flat roofs, count 40 to 60 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of a green roof on a flat roof, consider 40 to 80 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of PVC on flat roofs, allow 50 to 60 euros per square meter.
  • For the laying of concrete tiles on pitched roofs, count 20 to 40 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of bituminous shingles on an inclined roof, allow 30 to 40 euros per square meter.
  • For laying terracotta tiles on a pitched roof, consider 30 to 60 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of artificial slates on pitched roofs, budget 60 to 80 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of zinc on a pitched roof, allow around 70 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of thatch on pitched roofs, expect 70 to 90 euros per square meter.
  • For the installation of natural slates on pitched roofs, allow 100 to 120 euros per square meter.

When you renovate your roof, you can take advantage of it to improve the insulation of your home at the roof level, repair cracks, damage and signs of wear and have one or more roof windows installed. Indeed, by combining all your work, you certainly increase the Restoration budget, but you save manpower, time and materials. Think about it!

How much to plan to completely renovate your roof?

Complete Restoration is sometimes necessary when the current roof is in a ruined or considerably dilapidated state. Coverage is not the only impact in this case; the entire structure of the roofing needs to be reviewed, which represents a substantial budget.

  • To replace the base layer of a flat roof, allow around 6 euros per square meter.
  • Replacing a waterproof layer costs almost 5 euros per square meter, compared to 6 euros for bituminized glass.
  • You will be charged between 10 and 20 euros per square meter for replacing the vapor barrier.
  • The Restoration of a roofing costs between 10 and 20 euros per square meter, only for materials.
  • The Restoration of the construction of a pitched roof costs on average 1,700 euros per square meter.
  • Plan about 2,000 euros for the Restoration of the attic.
  • You will be billed approximately 1,800 euros per square meter for renovating purlins and rafters.
  • To replace the sand break, count 600 euros per running meter on average.
  • Replacing your tiles costs around 3 euros per square meter, compared to 50 to 90 euros for replacing slates.

How to save on Roof Restoration?

Roof Restorations are expensive, but there are fortunately savings to be made.

  • Perform a few tasks yourself such as removing the tiles to be replaced. This work is not very restrictive and will save you a few euros in labor. However, be careful and operate safely.
  • Set aside the tiles in good condition for reuse. Some professionals draw up a quote for the entire surface, but you have the right to keep the reusable parts in order to save some money.
  • For a quick and inexpensive Restoration, there is the over-roof. This arises on your old roof for an average price of 50 to 60 euros per square meter. Certainly, the result is not the same in terms of finishes, but you save.
  • If the Roof Restoration includes energy work, you can have state aid. Inquire, you will realize some savings in passing!

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