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Fire Protection Systems

Few things can cause as much destruction as a fire, whether at home or at work. A simple spark or short circuit can trigger devastating effects.

To try to avoid any type of danger, within what is within our reach, there is a wide range of fire protection systems on the market.

Fire systems

Any type of fire detection and prevention element is regulated in a specific regulation, which approves the Regulation of fire protection facilities.

Thus, regulations establish that the design, execution, commissioning and maintenance of fire protection facilities, as well as their materials, components and equipment, must comply with the provisions of their specific regulations.

It is therefore the job of the professionals to verify that all the teams comply with the established recommendations.

Active Fire Protection Systems

We understand by active protection the set of means, equipment and systems, whether manual or automatic, whose specific functions are the detection, control and extinction of a fire.

Automatic fire detection

These mechanisms allow the automatic detection and location of the fire and, if appropriate, the start-up for its arrest. The chosen system must be able to function automatically even if there is no external surveillance centre.

Main components:

  • Automatic detectors.
  • Buttons.
  • Signaling and indication center.
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Water network.
  • Auxiliary devices (general alarm, actuation extinguishing systems, etc.).
Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection products

Within this section we could make a very exhaustive list of the different equipment that we can find. The choice of different solutions will depend on the characteristics of the facilities to be protected and the regulatory requirements.

Below, we are going to list some of them:

  • Fire detection and alarm systems: within this group we find fire detectors (punctual heat, point smoke detectors, linear and punctual suction and flame detectors), alarm buttons, acoustic and visual alarm devices and control and indication equipment.
  • Fire water supply systems: they are formed by a set of water sources, impulsion equipment and a general network that ensures the necessary water flow and pressure during the required time.
  • Hydrant systems: composed of a network of pipes for feed water and the necessary hydrants (these will always be column or underground), fittings, hoses …

Hydrants must be placed in accessible places and duly signposted.

  • Fire extinguishers: it is undoubtedly one of the most used elements in all areas. They are equipment that contain an extinguishing agent that can be directed to the fire by the action of an internal pressure. They are divided according to their load in portable and mobile fire extinguishers.
  • Equipped fire hydrant systems: composed of a network of pipes for water supply and the necessary fire hydrants. These mouths can be equipped with a flat hose (its max length will be 20 m) or semi-rigid hose (max. length 30 m).
  • Dry column systems: formed by a water intake on the façade or in an area easily accessible to firefighters and by a column of galvanized steel pipe.
  • Fixed extinguishing systems: there are various types, such as automatic sprinklers, water mist, physical foam, dust extinguishing, gaseous extinguishing agents, condensed aerosols.

Variety of fire protection elements

As we have just seen, within the field of fire systems we are faced with a large number of elements that we must count on to protect ourselves from the devastation of the power of the flames.

All these systems are developed in different regulations that must be complied with, an aspect that professionals must always take into account before the purchase and installation of any mechanism. Any failure in this regard can cause us both an economic fine in a safety inspection and much more serious repercussions, both personally and materially, in the case of the spread of a fire.

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