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A good wine at first sight

The tasting begins with the eyes. A first glance offers us initial information about the possible characteristics of the wine. From Wine Design, a ’boutique’ winery specializing in the creation of experiences around wine, they do not teach the wide range of parameters that can be analyzed with the eye to draw a series of conclusions. The […]

wedding rings

How to choose your pair for wedding rings?

automatic gates

Automatic gates access, an efficient solution for extra comfort

motorbike spares

Advantages Of Motorbike Spares And Lithium Batteries

The advantages motorbike spares and lithium batteries are very beneficial for both the consumer and the environment. The lithium batteries are gaining ground compared to other batteries. Its importance is not only due to the autonomy it provides but also for safety and power. Motorbike Spares And Lithium battery life The life of lithium batteries […]

Who thinks about new guard rails?

Who thinks about new guard rails?

Wine labels 3 Trends, fashion and garbage

Wine labels 3 Trends, fashion and garbage

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printing services

Printing services or scanning: a software solution for every need

management, print management, document capture and processing, printing services while on the move…. Epson and its partners offer a wide choice of software solutions to increase productivity and reduce environmental impact. There's more to a printing services system than just purchasing a multifunction printer or copier. This hardware is associated with a set of software to optimize printing workflows while reducing costs and carbon footprint. What print specialists call Managed Document Services (MDS) or print management solutions. A pioneer in the field, Epson offers a wide range of solutions for fleet management, print management, mobile printing services and scanning, document capture and management. Beyond its own

What is solar energy and photovoltaic energy and how it works

Principles of Solar Energy Operation Like water and air, the sun is the basis of life on earth to which it gives heat and light. Inexhaustible, available, unpolluted, solar energy provides enough energy to the earth's inhabitants every 50 minutes to cover their annual energy needs. The challenge lies in gathering a small part of this caloric and radiating energy. Two technologies have been developed to make the most of them: The photovoltaic directly converts sunlight into electricity thanks to panels formed by semi-conductor cells;The solar thermal that intercepts the heat of the sun. Collected heat is used as such or transformed into mechanical energy first, then into electricity. In this
solar energy
web design

A brief history of web design

Today web design may seem strange, but the first sites consisted entirely of text - the modern concept of visual content on the Internet simply did not exist. For the first time, images and text "met" back in 1993 - and no longer separated. From this date, the history of web design is counted. We invite you to dive into the exciting story of the growth and maturation of this type of design - perhaps the most important one today - through the translation of infographics from Spark Pay. 16 deadly landing page web design mistakes 1990-1994 So, the following innovations became the main design