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Advantages Of Motorbike Spares And Lithium Batteries

The advantages motorbike spares and lithium batteries are very beneficial for both the consumer and the environment. The lithium batteries are gaining ground compared to other batteries. Its importance is not only due to the autonomy it provides but also for safety and power.

Motorbike Spares And Lithium battery life

The life of lithium batteries is three times longer than conventional batteries. The reason? Because it has more capacity, its 3000 cycles or charges extends its life time.

These batteries motorbike spares are the lightest on the market and have a very slow discharge. An important factor that we must assess is that with a lighter weight and smaller dimensions we have a battery with the same voltage but with a longer duration.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

In addition, they do not suffer from the memory effect problem that consists of the loss of capacity of the batteries when a full charge of the same does not take place.

So its wide range of powers and dimensions offers enormous resistance to use. The product characteristics guarantee a long life for your electric scooter.

Lithium Battery Performance

One of the advantages motorbike spares and lithium batteries is not only their duration and capacity but also their performance. Lithium batteries is without a doubt the best solution to give your electric scooter more autonomy.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Its performance of vehicle is higher and gives you more starting power. It is an environmentally friendly battery, because it is totally ecological and maintains its reliability; and without damage using it at high temperatures.

Motorbike in Lithium Battery Safety

Advantages of lithium batteries. Hover board with lithium battery for greater autonomy.

Of all the types of batteries, the lithium battery is the one that provides greater security because they do not have acid, or metals such as lead or cadmium. This does not mean that other types of batteries are bad, because we have always used them. As there are no acids, there is no risk of spills or limits in the mounting position. You should only consider the poles.

In Apollo Motorcycles you can find different products with lithium batteries such as Chopper, scooters, drift trike, overboard.

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