Learn How To Obtain A Building Inspection Certificate
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Learn How To Obtain A Building Inspection Certificate

Reading this article learn how to obtain a Building Inspection Certificate – Technical Inspection of Buildings and much more information.

A certificate issued by the Building Inspection is an accrediting document that is usually used for many legal procedures regarding the registrations and different procedures of buildings and properties.

The real estate sector has grown very large in terms of verification and data processing in terms of property.

Currently the records and reports generated by the different legal entities of real estate but these request the supporting documents issued by the Building Inspection.

However many owners of apartments, real estate, among others need to obtain one or more certificates issued by this national entity.

So if you want to obtain this certificate and you have asked yourself questions such as,What and what is the Building Inspection Certificate for?, or What are the requirements for this certificate?, do not worry anymore.

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How to obtain an Building Inspection Certificate

Constantly the Building Inspection generates a series of certificates which are classified into different types of certificates

It is worth mentioning that the different certificates issued by the Building Inspection support a purpose which provides security and identify the information necessary to expedite property procedures

One of the most processed certificates is the “Certificate of Aptitude”, this accrediting document which generates the rehabilitation policies by which information is generated on the real situation of the real estate park

There are different phases to obtain the Certificate of Aptitude issued by the Building Inspection, below we will point them out:

  • Go to the Property of the Building or Community of Owners: Here you must make an order which is issued by an engineer or technician
  • Inspection carried out by the architect, technical architect: The inspection takes about 2 or 3 days, it also depends on the size of the building
  • Manage and draft the Building Inspection Report: This report should mention the deficiencies detected, their severity and the deadline for repairing them.
  • Result in the classification of the state of the building: Classifications are set to: Very Severe, Severe, Mild or No Deficiencies
  • Present the Building Inspection report: When the administration issues the certificate must be presented the report, this procedure entails an approximate duration of 1 or 2 months


It is well known that to proceed to have an inspection of the Building Inspection it is necessary to present a series of legal requirements, which will serve to make the request

Although in the process you can request extra requirements we will point out the general requirements that this procedure entails, these are:

  • Proof of residence which proves the time that the building takes within the town
  • Ownership of the building
  • Receipt of some domestic service which is quoted by all the inhabitants of the building (water, electricity, gas, toilet service, among others)
  • Quotes which this certificate entails
  • Nomination of the people who quote the condo at the time of general certificate
  • Notarized issuance of public services which are issued by local authorities

Each requirement must be attached correctly, since each one will be verified by the Building Inspection.

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What is Building Inspection?

Building Inspection is that entity which provides a technical-administrative control by which the buildings must be registered from time to time.

One of its provincial functions is to identify and quantify each procedure within building inspections.

It should be noted that the inspections are carried out by personnel authorized by the Building Inspection, these technicians are trained to carry out the inspection.

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What and what is the Building Inspection Certificate for?

This recognition requires a present inspection of the approved expert in which he will check the common elements of the property such as the facades, roofs, cleaning substructure and welding.

As for more than the means of the precept processing the operation will not focus on technical tasks but on the processing of legal documents.

The eventuality of the commission of the investigation between intermediaries and frequent manager of the different entities that may converge in the course. APIs, neighbors, reconstruction professionals and including mediators between conflicts

In educational transactions there is a narrowly strong concurrence of courses to instruct oneself the basic procedures necessary to transcribe an Inspection with the superior viable skill

But we have to possess in matter that the technical knowledge can not be obtained in one or three months of teaching

Note: In case they should be the consequence of years of didactic and professional monograph and the perceptible block portion of an abundance of earlier processes

Who pays for the Building Inspection?

Failure to comply with the deadlines stipulated for the exhibition of the Building Inspection can be punished. As in the previous cases they will depend on the municipal ordinances of every Council. Since inconvenient they could reach 5000€. Not having a proper circulation the Building Inspection can produce other indirect consequences to the principal. Such as the refusal of the mortgage or the immobilization of the course of commercialization of the property. (As of July 2012 it is necessary).In the event that one or more residents of the corporation refuse to implement the relevant reforms, the transformation could take a time that, in the matter, to exceed the deadlines set could lead to new fines. In any case, the recognition of the system would end up being carried out by means of the reprimand of a regulatory prescription. And the price would be borne by all owners. Regardless of whether or not they want to implement the reforms.

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Tips and doubts

One of the questions that many people ask when carrying out the procedure is, Why do I need the Building Inspection certificate?

The Administration obliges in Decree 67/2015 to carry out the Inspection. According to which buildings are to be handed over to an industrial inspectorate in the early 45th year of archaism, they must pass this compulsory check.

Not having the ite franked, can be a matter of penalties between 1000 € and 7000 €

Managing an Building Inspection per fragment of the Expert has an approximate permanence between 6 and 10 days which must be fully complied with.

However, the form for the scope of the CERTIFICATE of the Inspection by fragment of the Accounting has an approximate permanence between 2 and 5 months and 15 months, in service of the pathologies detected.

We therefore recommend that you request it as likely and deliver the requested documents on time.

We wish you that this information has been very useful to find the Requirements for the Building Inspection, and other points more

Remember to have all the documents at hand and be aware of the parameters, documents and legal requirements so that you get your certificate safely

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