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Badly insulated, your garage can become a real oven in summer, a real glacier in winter. Of course, hot and cold drafts do not stop in your garage, and seep into your home. This is problematic: a poorly insulated garage door can dramatically increase the cost of your energy bills . Let’s see how to fix that. 

Isolate His Garage Door

Buy an insulated garage door:

All types of garage can be purchased with integrated insulation . This is a practical solution, but very expensive. Each type of insulating door is designed with different materials: 

  • Insulating sectional garage doors consist of peripheral joints and polyurethane foam panels.
  • Insulating folding doors are equipped with aluminum sill, double glazing and peripheral seals.
  • Insulating tilting garage door is made of double wall steel panels, filled with polyurethane foam.

To get an idea of ​​the price of an insulated garage door , know that a standard model will easily cost more than in isolated version. This price may vary depending on the quality of the door and the materials that compose it.

Isolate your own garage door:

You want to limit heat loss inside your garage, but do not have the budget to buy an insulating door. You may also want to isolate an existing and installed door. We advise you to install a low weight and thin insulation , then to join your door. Here are several solutions: 

Isolate His Garage Door
  • Laying polystyrene or cork plates : this operation is quite simple. Plan several sheets of insulation so that you can cover your entire door. Next, place glue pads every 30 cm on one side of your plates. Then glue your plates one by one, not forgetting to dismantle the mechanisms of the door, in order to be able to place all the plates.
  • Install a thermos-reflective insulation : it is a thin film that takes up very little space. However, it does not offer significant performance. The thermos reflective film must be cut, then fixed on the garage door using double-sided .
  • Place a door sill : you can buy a door sill in brush or rubber. Once screwed into your garage door, this bib will prevent the infiltration of air and water.
  • Put a bead around the door: the adhesive bead is not expensive or difficult to install. Just remove the adhesive part and stick it on the frame of the garage door. This last must have been cleaned and decreased so that the bead holds on the duration.

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