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What’s more tricky, what wine wedding do you serve? You have decided to buy the wines for your wedding, Congratulations! on the wedding and for the decision. It’s probably one of the smartest decisions for your big day.

Calculate the wine wedding and not die trying. Yes, we have come this far: the wedding. The love of your life has said yes. You have gone from the full moment to the vertigo of the organization. 

You already have a date for your big day and you want everything to be perfect … even the wine. That’s what we are for. More and more people decide to bring their own wine, instead of opting for the (often boring and overrated) proposals of the restaurant or catering that takes care of the food.

It’s a great idea, which nonetheless adds to your to-do list. That list of tasks to solve in your wedding agenda that at first seem colossal to you, then they start to seem comprehensible and you end up seeing that there was not so much. So it is noted … 

What wine to choose? How to Calculate a wine wedding? And to that is added: Do we bring cava or champagne for the toasts? How much cava or champagne do you need at a wedding? Will it arrive on time? What indications do I give of service? We leave you the five basic questions to consider for your wine wedding… or any other event.  


More and more people want a very original wedding and leave everyone speechless. That goes into every detail. Wine can also have an original point but, really, it doesn’t have to be bizarre. It is nice that the wine you choose connects you with the rest of the event and maintains a relationship. 

But the first advice would be that it is not recommended that it be something absolutely groundbreaking. Everyone has different tastes and it’s about everyone’s liking. You need safe options, not boring ones. So thinking about all of them means choosing a wine wedding that you like and that is original, like the rest of the wedding, and that, in addition, goes with the palate of your guests. Do not panic there are many options.

When choosing the wine wedding , remember that in general:

  • Unless you are clear that whites with wood or dense and creamy white wines are your thing, opt for a light, fresh white wine. Without a doubt, white wine with good acidity to reinforce the refreshing sensation. Think that they are copious and long meals, what we appreciate the most is that white is lively and cheerful.
  • Red wine is, for most, a major issue. By far the favorite for many of your guests. The malicious ones will judge the level of your wedding, by this bottle. So this is where you have to choose the wine “that your majority” of guests like … and not just you. Our advice is that you opt for a red wine that has gone through the wood
  • It doesn’t have to be parenting, or put it on the label. But it has had time to rest in the barrel. Do not put very old wines. You gamble that some bottle is not right and … nobody has the courage to complain and they end up drinking the concoction without protesting.

And remember that choosing a wine wedding can and should be fun. So don’t take it too seriously either. A good idea is to invite your best friends to the final decision. Buy your 5 favorites and try them on them.  


If the wedding is in the summer or late spring, as the vast majority, it is probably not the time to drink wines that are too heavy or too robust. Opt for wines with lower alcohol content. 14 proof wines are great for a good piece of meat… followed by a nap. 

But if you don’t want people to fall asleep before speeches, go for something lighter. Also, exposed to heat, people tend to drink more. Let them do it quietly without having to suffer immediate consequences. If you are one of those who get married in winter, do not suffer: tasty, powerful, and robust wines will be perfect.  

3. Think about the place of production.

Innovate with the areas: we are lucky to live in an eminently wine-producing country. Here you can be original and without fear of being wrong. Get out of the comfort zone of the usual Denominations of Origin and opt for a wine from your area. Or from your favorite vacation spot. Or the place where you met. Choose a good producer there and you will see that you succeed.  

4. Let’s go for the sparkling wine wedding.

Yes or yes, serve sparkling wine. Be it cava or champagne, sparkling make more parties and predisposes us to party. That is good. One of the most recurrent myths is that people don’t drink champagne at weddings … they don’t drink if it’s bad. Do not relegate cava to the toast. Serve it from the beginning.

If your budget is enough for champagne and you want to treat yourself, go ahead. Unless they also sponsor you, please don’t serve a brand of those that appear in the background on red carpets. It’s the best way to sound like a snob. Go for a good, solid Champagne producer. 

Your money will spread much more and your guests will be delighted. But, if you can’t afford it, a good cava is a great option. Let it be brut or brut nature. And make it good. Yes.  


Young newlyweds clinking glasses and enjoying romantic moment together at wedding reception outside

No one wants to see their guests desperately draining the last drops from wine bottles. Your mothers the least. So do not give them a dislike and calculate how much wine is needed. There is a very simple rule to calculate the wine wedding: 4 people per bottle if 3 different wines are served. If you are, 100 then 25 bottles of each.

The calculation is designed for a wine wedding in which a white wine, a red, and a sparkling wine are served. That is why we say, 3 different wines at the wedding. You can choose more types of wine for your wedding, of course! But then adjust the number of bottles. 

From here, play with common sense. Do all adults drink wine? Are there good drinkers? Are you going to serve many more wines? Round up for a peaceful sleep and you have it. If it is leftover you can always keep it at home and open a bottle from time to time. All for fun. And for remembering it.  

Now that you know how to calculate the wine wedding and we have told you how to choose it, we can offer you a wide variety of wines with very interesting prices. 
We will be happy to help you. Take a look at the other articles on this blog to learn about wine.  

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